Telguard Sunset

There was a Telguard [T1110M TELULAR TELGUARD CAT SYSTEM W/PRIORITY PHONE] that acts like a regular phone line to forward signals when there is an interruption in the PSTN service. It's going away in February too along with so many others. Does anyone know of a substitute type product? Telguard said it did not make one like that anymore. The TG 8 has e911, but that is not the same exactly. We have swapped over all the other back up com units, save a couple like this that are needing a little more attention.

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Security Cellular units don't use voice anymore. it's much faster and cheaper to use the Data Back Bone of the cellular network to send packets of data than to occupy voice channels.

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Russell Brill

It used to be a cool feature back in the day. Now everyone has a personal cell phone, so it doesn't seem to really matter.

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'scuse me while ah whip this out...

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