Re: Fire Alarm causes Fire

Had one of my customers buy a building other day and it has a old firelite

> sensican panel in it which i was getting ready to take out becuse the board > had completely burned up. Started taking the system apart starting with 120 > vac and when i started tracing the 120 wires found 2 ft of flex and then > just open single conductor wires tied to cieling support for about 2 feet > then tied to a piece of romex which was plugged into an outlet in the > buildings garage. the ground instead of being run with electrical ground was > run to a local water pipoe and this created a diverted ground path and > showed why the panel burned up and part of the wall was scorcehed and > breaker took so long to trip. > Absolutley unbieliable some f--g moron installer/owner to f---g cheap to run > down 2 blocks to hardware store for the correct wire. > Thank god this idiot is no longer installing alarms. I let company who > bought his accounts know what i found so they can check his other work if > the feel so initaited to do so but they have just as bed a reputaion with > there work.

There sure are a lot of "ugly" systems out there. We could put together a website. We could call it "Goofysplace Too".

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