Passcard System That Works With Safes or Filing Cabinets

Does anyone know of a passcard system that is integrated with either a filing cabinet lock or with a safe? We want to put keys for various parts of the office into a safe and give people access to this through their normal passcards. We use Passpoint, but as far as I can tell Ademco is killing that and probably there aren't products like I want for that system.

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I make my own using an AlarmLock Trilogy PDK3000 which reads many type of prox card and fobs and Amsec ES411 Safes. I gut the electronics from the safe and install the PDK3000 on the face. I use a battery backed 12v DC power supply to power the PDK3000 and solenoid that operates the safe latch. Kinda spendy.. but it gives my employer an audit trail , and allows use of our HID26 prox card/ID badges.

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I use

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power supply, mounted adjacent to the safe. I take my DC power thru the wall of the safe, into the door (electronics) using 3/8" SS FlexCoil (payphone handset cable) to protect the conductors. I'll get pictures of an install Monday and email to you if you like.


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