I have a client who want to have is fire alarm on Kantech graphic

If possible what would i need.

Corporate Edition latest version Will be hook up to a DSC 4020 intrusion panel. Only have one KT400 for now.

I am thinking of input card In the KT400 and Will take the output for annonciator to activate relays for each firealarm zones (40)

The fire alarm panel is a Simplex 4100 last version before the 4100U.

Thank for the help


P.S: Sorry for my writen english i am french!

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You need to be careful these days. You just can't put things together like in the old days. If there is a Fire Marshal in that city, you will need to run it by them first, submit the proposal, and get written & stamped approval. These days it is all about compliance and covering your ass.

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Jim Rojas

If you use a KT4401VK interface module (from Kantech).

That will interface the KT400 with the alarm panel and allow you integrate alarm points directly through the software.

You can even make the events require operator acknowledgment.

Be aware, there are two integration modules for KT-DSC, one works with Power Series panels and one with Maxsys.

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