high resolution camera make a difference?

I just bought a DVR with a 160 gig hard drive and a cheap camera yesterday. The picture quality isn't all that great. It's fuzzy. According to the manual, its effective pixels is 628*582. Resolution is 380 lines. I want to replace it with something a bit better. The shop has a bullet type high resolution camera. Would that make any difference? The thing is, I'm only using a regular TV (NTSC) to review my recordings. The high res camera has 480 lines of resolution. Doesn't NTSC TVs have 480 lines of resolution as well?

Does high-res camera like this take more hard drive space than low-res ones?

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NTSC is a format. Lines of resolution a level of quality. Placing a 480 LOR Camera on a 380 LOR Monitor won't change anything. Sounds like you bought a cheap DVR. ;-)

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