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Hello all,

I have a pending Fire Alarm install in a commercial building. I will need to use a Fire Block around wall penetrations.

Anyone have a recommendation for what is to be used or not used in this kind of application??

3M Red Devil Hilti etc.

Thanks for any input.


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We've had every kind of "Duffus" inspection you can image. some wanted plaster (you heard right) some wanted anything as long as it was RED. (LOL) some wanted a special brand ( we later found out they had a cousin etc.. working for that company) The one none could bitch about was the metal pipe with flush boxes on both side.. Check with the "General" and have him make the recommendation or find out what everyone else is using and do the same.. (the odd man out usually loses with any inspection, even if he's right) (least wise that my history lesson around here..)

Just my two cents... ;-)

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Hi Les,

I don't do commercial fire anymore for quite a few years now. However, I th ink Rocky's suggestion to ask the local fire marshal What IS acceptable and what's NOT acceptable ?. is a good idea.

You know you're dealing with whimsical egotistical AH's. So butter them up and make them feel important. Just smile a lot and kow tow to their every w him. They've got nothing better to do but make up rules and regulations tha t insure that they have a job. I can still hear their reason for making up stupid regulations. "IF IT SAVEs THE LIFE OT OOOOOOONNNNNNNNNE PERSON ?. IT'S WORTH IT.

Bull shit. You can't regulate stupidity out of existence.

Sorry ?..

Rant over.

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Jim Davis

Rocky & Jim,

As for the AHJ, I already have previous history with.......... enough said on that..............

At this point from my limited investigation it looks like Hilti CP606.

Thanks for the input.


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I always just picked up a tube or three of fire stop caulk at my local electrical supplier. Usually I would sleeve above ceiling wall penetrations and caulk the ends after the wire was pulled through.

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