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Since Honeywell is no longer supporting this older version of Ez Mate software, they have removed it from their site. I find it a lot easier to use than the Compass version.

Does anyone have a copy they could email me?


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I tried sending you the files to your email below, but it came back. Send me a private email.

Jim Rojas

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Jim Rojas

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: I've bought an FBI XL-2 alarm system and I'm in the process of re-programming it.

But can anyone tell me how program the Zone Description for the LCD keypad?

I've searched online all I can seem to find is that this is done by the "FBI EZ-mate" software.

However, Honeywell discontinued this software and there are no download available.

Can the Zone Descriptors also be set with the keypad? If so, any PDF's available how to do this?

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