Can someone ID this coax?

I have coax cable that I'd like to use, but can't find anything with a web search (google and The _only_ marking is TVC-202970 There are no connectors crimped on, and I don't know where I got it. I'd like to know if it's 50 or 75 ohm, at least.

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Michael K.
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If there are no markings on it, chances are it is cheap, counterfeit, made in China crap. I would throw just it away.

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Jim Rojas

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Sounds like it's Television Coax, which is mostly 75 Ohm except for HD CATV or Hi-Speed Internet which is 50 Ohm. There's a company called "TVC" that makes a lot of coaxial products for TV. Not sure if this would be one of them.

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