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Hey Gang,

I've run into another issue on a camera job, this time the DVR. Was intending to use a pair of Honeywell's 16 channel HRHD-16 DVRs, but client wants to easily archive most/all images to his network. I'm getting completely random feedback from ADI and Honeywell concerning archiving the images to the network...ranging from "no problem" to "it would take several hours to download the images each week", to "it's not even possible".

So, I would like suggestions on an affordable (there's that budget again) 16 channel, networkable DVR that will allow remote viewing and easy, or even automatic, archiving of images to network servers.



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Call Dedicated Micros. They have an FTP archiving feature. I have not used it, but...

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Bob La Londe

I am going to use one from General Solutions. Have not tried it yet but it sounds like it will do what you want. I have tried the Electronics Line version and the picture quality is not as good.


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J Barnes

We have used VCT Vision's

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FTP archiving feature. It works just fine though the load on the client's network is significant. The network is almost dedicated to the DVRs, so it's not a problem in this case, but if you are sharing the LAN resources between couple bandwidth-hungry apps, you may hear customers complaints. Another problem I've seen is that remote viewing seems to degrade the image quality even further, so you actually have to come up to the DVR itself for any serious investigation.

VCT's 16-CH 120FPS 160Gb networked DVR has $3,500 MSRP. Depending on your distributor you probably can get it for $3,000

Good luck!

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