4 to 8 economical quad processor B/W

While my future plans are more robust (DVR quad with remote net access) for right now I need to find some economical 4 or 8 quad processors for B/W cameras with audio.

Looking for a economical B/W processor with 4 minimum and possible 8 inputs. Expandable 4's would be nice.

Price with the minimum features are the driving force for this right now. I just need a way to watch at least 4 of these cameras easily for now with out a lot of expense. I will add on and upgrade later even if this item(s) are obsoleted.

At a minimum it should be able:

1) Quad view, selectable between the 2 sets of four on an 8 input 2) Sequence thru input with adjustable dwell 2.1) with audio switching would be a boon, but I'll live with out for now for the right price. 2.2) CHEAP!

The following would be plus

3) Motion detection would a plus 4) Alarm output on motion 5) activate a vcr via IR on alarm/motion

Any thing in the $40-60 range would be great. Even if I had to get 2 for 8 inputs and get a cheap video switch or 2 modulators for now.

Links, models (NO froogle, google, or Ebay)

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If you plan to replace it shortly look at Lorex. Its cheap, works ok, and will handle color too. Juts follow the instruction on the sticker on the unit.

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Bob La Londe

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