Wiring a Cap to a M3724

I just bought a new CAP for my M3724 phone. It came with a 6 pin connector. I hooked the cap to the wall jack (also 6 conductor wire) and then the M3724 to the Cap. I see where it says 24V 0.25A on the Jack port of the CAP but what do they expect me to do now? There is no other location to have a separate power line comming in. Wouldnt there be some sort of simple connection? I have read these archives but surely I would think there is a simple solution without having to rewire all the pins in my jack.

My Cap does not light up when connected. Any advice would be appreciated.


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You need a SAPS Power Supply

If you are installing central answering positions (CAP) that require system auxiliary power supplies (SAPS), install the four-wire cable that comes with the SAP for each instance this is required.

SAPS Part Number NT6B60CA

Using a single pair of wires for each telephone, connect each of the telephones according to the wiring charts. Note: If you are installing CAPs with SAPS, the SAPS connects to the second pair of wires in the four-wire pair provisioned for each CAP that requires SAPS support.

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