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Hello all,

We have a network with a few Succession 1000S systems. Some are 3.0, some are 4.0.

Between the 4.0 systems we have SIP trunks installed for networking. We want to add the 3.0 systems to the network. Is it sufficient to add H323 (SIP not supported on 3.0) trunks on the 3.0 systems? Can calls be made between a 4.0 and 3.0 system (SIP to H323)? The NRS is on a 4.0 system, which doesn't have H323 licenses.

I hope I made it clar enough for anwering. Otherwise let me know what info is missing.

Regards Jurgen

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Jurgen Vugt
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You need H323 trunks and licences between the rls. 3.0 systems. When you want a connection to the Rls.4.0 systems you also need to add H323.trunk-licences on the NRS. You can not make a call from SIP to H323, these are different protocols.

Either you need licens-upgrades for the different systems or you choose to upgrade the rls3.0 systems to rls 4.0 and use SIP.


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