Routing between VLANs on a baystack 450-24T


If we set up two vlans on a single baystack 450, can the baystack be set to "route" between the two subnets?

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Larry V
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In short the answer is no; the 450 is a layer 2 switch and can't route at OSI layer 3.

The Nortel 5510 is a 24 port switch that can do basic layer 3 routing but it's not cheap.

If you wanted to route between the VLANs a Cisco 26xx router might do the trick though it would depend on the traffic between the VLANs



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other option is configure a workstation with two nics, one in each vlan and use the workstation as a router - simple, but it will work. If you want to get very fancy, you can use win2k and use IPSEC and create filters to allow or drop certain types of traffic

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