Nortel Passport 8010 Chassis Error

I Have a Nortel Passport 8010 Chassis With one 8690SF module and one 8648TX module Software version 3.0

The above setup works in chassis 1 however in chassis 2 with the same modules get the follow error on boot up.

crc failed on device 23 calc:d80c dev:ffff Assertion failed at ch_mac.c getMacAddrPort Chassis mac address must not be zero

then the boot sequence stops and sits there.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jason

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There's a small ROM on the chassis itself that determines the base mac address off of which all of the interface mac addresses are derived. That error message typically means that that flash has died, and the 8690 can't figure out what its mac addresses should be. The fix is to RMA the chassis itself.

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Frank Sweetser

Thank you Frank for the info.


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