Meridain CAMA Trunks, 5 free line cards if you can help

My not be anyone is old enough to help me with this, but here it goes. I have an Option 81C rls 21 with outbound CAMA trunks works great. The trouble am have is I have a 51 rls 19. That's tie via 4 T-1's all pri. I am tiring to send ANI to the 81C and have then have the 81c send out the ANI info on the CAMA's. I know you can see the CLID on the 81 from the 51.and sending ANI to our outbound PRI's on the 81C. (I see it on my cell phone) I can get calls to route out to the CAMA trunks but with out ANI info. I have been told that a switch this old need a box to read the display info

Anyone with an answer that works I will send them 5 digital line cards a.e. vintage all working and tested

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