Configuring 802.3ad between 8600 and Cisco switches.

Has anyone been able to configure a Passport 8600 and a Cisco switch

to use multiple ports? I thought Nortel's MLT was compatible with the

802.3ad standard. I am trying this with a 2950 switch to test with. I

plan on using this with 3750's. Any help would be appreciated.

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googling for this informations, to use MLT on a BPS2000, it seems to be only usable among two MLT enabled Nortel. Don't ever think of Using it with Cisco Etherchannel. If anybody can correct me i'll be really happy

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Nortel MLT is statically compliant with 802.3ad, and in later versions of Passport software, fully compliant including LACP. You should be able to mix statically configured (no LACP) MLT and Etherchannel with no problem. If you want automatic configuration with LACP, you need to be running Passport software 3.7.

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Chuck R. Anderson

If I understand you correctly, I should be able to configure a

standard mlt and connect to an etherchannel? I have actually tried it

both ways. At first I just tried using a std mlt and configured a std

etherchannel setup. I have also tried using lacp to dynamically add

the ports but I can't get even one port to come up.

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Hello all,

I have also tried this just at L2..

Nortel 8600's with Cisco 3750. Using IST and SMLT, the SMLT is

working (SMLTNormal). Configured a etherchannel on cisco with LACP,

Port channel 1.

So far i have read no-one is able to get this working, the above does

work ie drop any one of the two up-link, 0 ping drops. The only

problem is i see is the port channel is down on the cisco??

Can anyone help?? Device manager or cli instructions.. or point me in

the right direction.

Thanks in adavance.


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