CallPiliot SNMP traps

I'm trying to find the CallPilot documentation that lists all the possible alarms sent via this trap:


- Traps definition

-- callPilotTraps OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= {nbFltMngmt 3} nbCallPilotAlarmTrap TRAP-TYPE ENTERPRISE callPilotTraps VARIABLES {nbFltAlarmSequence , nbFltAlarmTimeStamp, nbFltAlarmEventCode, nbFltAlarmEventType, nbFltAlarmEventSeverity, nbFltAlarmTenantID, nbFltAlarmCustomerID, nbFltAlarmOriginator, nbFltAlarmDescription} DESCRIPTION "CallPilot Trap conveying information about raised alarm." ::= 1

There is only one trap defined in the mib and every alarm is sent inside that trap. I need to know what the difference between nbFltAlarmSequence and nbFltAlarmEventCode. Also what error codes are sent.

Can someone tell me what document provides this information?

Thanks, Chris Fowler

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Christopher Fowler
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