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i have two Baystack 420 in a stack running. There are 15 VLANs configured and in the 15th are all ports members. But only the ports my servers are connected to have the PVID 15. With regard to the manual this is the correct way of sharing central resources with all VLANs.

When a frame enters the switch trough a server port with a unique computer as target, the frame is being broadcastet throughout all switchports even the mac-address table of the switches and arp-caches of the servers are correct. A network sniffer confirms that the mac-address of source and target is written in the frame header.

The switches are running with FW-Version and SW-Version - I cant get Nortel Support because we don't have a valid service contract. I would be grateful if anybody knows how to solve this problem.

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you probably need a routing switch. if the mac destined to an unknown station to 420, of course it'll treat it as an unknown unicast, and thus will send the pkt to all ports belong to vid 15 (which happens to have all ports in it). perhaps you do have a router somewhere attached to this 420? and hopefully you do turn on 802.1q/tagging on 420 uplink?

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Thanks for your answer,

the thing is that the target station is not unknown to the switch. It is correctly shown in the mac address table of the switch and frames from the station to the server ports are send as unicasts, as they are intended to. Only the answer frame from the server with a station connected to the second stack unit (servers are connected to the first unit) is being broadcasted inspite of correctly addressed frame headers.

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