Bay Network ASN Password recovery procedures


We are using multi devices from Bay networks i.e ARN, ASN, BCN etc

i have 7 ASNs which i dont have the Manager passwords and i am unable to recover them Is there some knows the procedure to breakout these passwords ?

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Hi. If you have a couple of HSPEX cards, a HSPEX cable, and a ASN with a known password, you can do the following: Connect as many ASN's with unknown passwords as you can to 1 ASN with known password in a stack. (Remember to set the slot # different on each.) You only need a flash-card in 1 of the ASN's.

When they have booted, log in on the console of the ASN you know the password for. Use the TI-command "password" to change the password on all routers (or delete it). Repeat as needed.

Regards Morten Rydahl Nielsen

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Morten Rydahl Nielsen

reset the password.

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Thanks all for replying ! i really appritiate it. MC every one knows that there is an imaginary file called no_paswd.exe or no_password.exe or no_passwdd.exe but did any one every see this file ? answer is NO

brother Morten Rydahl yes you are 100% right passwd can be reset in this way but for this procedure routers must be in the cascading mode but what can a person do if all the routers installed in diffrent cities and individually :)

i have found a way and breaked the password of 2 of my ASNs remainig i,ll do but for that i have to visit the location.

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I had the file, it does exist, Just have not used in so long (no longer use the routers) I am not sure where I have it possibly at this time, but is does exist I have used it many times in the past. IF I find it I will forward to you via private e-mail.

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