alteon filter question

hi, i have to do a demo tommorrow for a transparent proxy and have a question about a filter. Can i use a filter to do "2" things on a packet

1) nat the source ip (i will use a static nat) 2) then redirect it to a real server group

so if a packet comes into the alteon, depending on the sip, i will nat it, then redirect so i would have

filter 1 sip action nat it


filt2 sip any dip any action redir (group)

I want the above to work for all packets.

I have done these things before but used another alteon to do the nat and then when it passes it back to the 1st alteon, this redirects it to the real server group, but never both at the same time, i.e. used one alteon to do nat, and one to do the load balancing/redirection.

So the bottom line is does this work on the alteon? or can only one filter action be applied per packet?


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I know you mentioned you are doing transparent proxy redir but may want to look at PIP (proxy IP) as a method of source NAT and continue to use a Filter for redir.

In order to use PIP you need to have a VIP with client processing enable on the ingress port. This would no longer be transparent proxy though.

D> Probably you can't do it becasuse there is a "stop on match" behavior > for filter.

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