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HI Anyone have the 450-24T firmware? thanks ------------------------------------- ___ _ ____ _ ___ / __/ __/ __/ __/ Hey Rocky! | _|@ @ __ | Watch me pull a rabbit ________/ | | _________/ out of my...
SIP Firmware for IP-Phone LG-Nortel 6812, 6820, 8820, 8830
Hi Richard. So am I. I have migrated users from Synergy to Broadworks and need SIP. I have 1.2.38sp, but am having issues with BLF and SCA. None of which seem to be working. If you find newer release...
Nortel equipment for sale
(1) NTRX50NL (4) NTRZ80BA (4) NTGY30AA (9) NTBW30BA (19) NTBW40AA (12) NTBW50AA (2) NTBW70AA (12) NTBW70BA (6) NTBW99DO (4) NTGY30BA (3) NTDV21CA (2) NTDV22AV (1) NTDV25BA (1) NTGB06CA (3) NTGS53LA...
norstar meridian ics
Hi Folks: I had a lengthy power-off on this system that erased everything. I have it up again, now, but the prime set is ringing on one of the PBX lines. The line access list for the prime set...
Troublshooting NT5B05 wiring
Hey Folks: Advance Note: I am an old time Avaya pro, but new to (old) Meridian's. Customer has a 3X8 system Station in question lost its connection to the system. problem 1: one station was wired...
Call Pilot auto attendant issue
------------------------------------- I have a Call Pilot 5.0 system that started someting strange a few months ago. I just took over supporting it so I am not sure what all transpired around then....
Nortel 425-24T with problems
Hi, I have those errors in this switch: [img] anyone help me to solve this problem? best regars -------------------------------------
Hi need help with nortel meridian 61c x11 rls 22.16 ------------------------------------- is their a way take a incoming did on a t1 and have a name display on the phone for each 35xx ## ie service or...
Meridian Mail
We still have an old Meridian Mail system. I finally have it where I can reach it remotely through Procomm Plus. However, my function keys do not work. Does anyone have the specific key sequences that...
Hi I have many older cards, no use for them anymore as I'm not maintaining an 81C. Where are you based?
Norstar CICS, Startalk Flash
I just added some Norstar equipment to my inventory at discount prices. Go to for more details
Refurbished Avaya Partner Modules For Sale
I have the following modules in stock and ready to ship. The 206E modules have been refurbished, fully tested and are in good working condition. The voicemail modules are refurbished and have had...
Nortel 470-48T gigabit ethernet ports?
Are the 48 copper ethernet ports on the Nortel 470 switch able todo gigabit or just 10/100? -- I see only 10/100 listed but the documentation says it is 1000baseT thanks
How to set up Meridian 1 to "provide clock" to a Cisco IAD
Hi Gang, I've been out of the Meridian game for a while, mostly dealing with Avaya stuff the last few years. I have an M1 that is connected to a Cisco 24xx IAD via ni-2 PRI. The network side of the...
ntrb21ace5 vs. NTRB21AA
Does anyone know if I can use an old card to place the new NTRB21ACE5..I have an NTRB21AA in a system we don't use anymore and was hoping to swap it out. Anyone?