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Are you looking to auto-forward Nortel Voicemails via email (in .wav format) from your BCM or CallPilot?
Free 30 day trial for up to 5 Users. Client References available. Operating since 2009. All currencies, and most credit cards accepted. Home - VBK TO WAV
8 years ago
SIP Firmware for IP-Phone LG-Nortel 6812, 6820, 8820, 8830
Hi, I'm looking to convert my MGCP phones to SIP but need to get hold of the latest SIP firmware. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance... Richard Caplin Firmware for 88XX : ftp:// Hello Firmware for...
9 years ago 5
Hi, I just bought an LG-NORTEL ARIA SOHO (AR-BKSU) (MPB : DX84P-3.7Cb AUG/ 07) intended to be used in my call center. The PBX was accompagned with an LDP-7224D DKT. I need to develop a CTI software to...
13 years ago
How to find the IP address?
We recently had a Call Pilot 150 installed but the technician did not set up the IP web GUI interface for it. It's on our network, so I'm sure it must have an IP address. Is there some way to find out...
14 years ago 3
Norstar Modular ICS - Several Questions
Hello! I am a fresh faced newb when it comes to the PBX system. I have been able to wade through most of the issues here at my new job, but I can't crack the remaining problems. PBX: Norstar Modular...
15 years ago 9
Call Pilot Desktop Messaging
I am having an issue with the desktop application not remembering the VM password after the initial logon. I have examined the registry and Windows XP local policy and cannot find what will be keeping...
15 years ago 2
Alteon WebOS Images?
I have an old CacheDirector that I tinker around with on my own network, kind of as a learning tool. Anyhow it was running a 6.0.69 image (with the 1.0.7 maintainence kernel). On the Nortel website I...
15 years ago 3
Nortel 8600 commands - How do I locate a MAC?
I am new to the Nortel world and I am trying to find the port that a certain MAC is plugged into. Cisco allows you to view the FDB with show mac-address-table but I can't seem to find anything that...
16 years ago 2
MCR setup
Nortel Option 61 Rls 23 Meridian Mail I have a group of 4 users that need to share a common MCR key. Each person has a 2616 with keys 00 and 01 programmed SCR internal extensions. I have programmed...
16 years ago 5
bcm 400 Can one reload the OS without the Admin Password
HI, If someone could assist us I would be grateful. We have a Nortel BCM 400, The problem we have is the administration password was lost. I am able to run a system backup and it sends the backup to...
16 years ago 20
nortel passport 7480 Mvpe problem
Hi, We are using passport 7480 with Sw release CE02S2D, In 7480 we are using MVPe card, which is connected to Maridian option 11 C. On our remote site we are using passport 6440 with sw release...
17 years ago
Nortel - Norstar 7310 "NEED HANDSFREE"
I have a Norstar phone on a call pilot 100 system. Ever since the Techs installed the system the usual Admin. codes to change things in the phone do not work. Now I need to use a headset with the...
15 years ago
norstar meridian ics
Hi Folks: I had a lengthy power-off on this system that erased everything. I have it up again, now, but the prime set is ringing on one of the PBX lines. The line access list for the prime set...
11 years ago
Problem with Access Restriction (NCOS)
Hi, I want divide my phone into two section , one for STD & locals calls and Other for only Local calls I have one Outgoing routes. I created two NCOS 1& 2 following below CUST 0 CRNO 1 CRNO 1 INIT...
14 years ago 2
MAT login ID and Password
Greetings all, We have a Nortel Meridian 1 Option 81C switch with a console that has the MAT software loaded in it. This is my first time I see this machine in my time with this company and someone...
15 years ago 2
Hello to all. I am looking for assistance on finding information on the DMS100 TABLES, specifically the tables used for inventory (DN, LEN, FEATURE INFORMATION). I haven't had much luck on the web,...
16 years ago
Call Pilot auto attendant issue
------------------------------------- I have a Call Pilot 5.0 system that started someting strange a few months ago. I just took over supporting it so I am not sure what all transpired around then....
11 years ago
Default 470 switch web access user name ??
Hello all, I recently changed the read only and read / write pasword for the web interface on the 470 stack that I have, now I can not log in. It prompts me for a username and passwor4d. I don't know...
14 years ago 2
VoiP BCM 50 Help
Having a problem getting our two BCM 50's to connect for VoiP service. We programmed a VPN on the intergrated router to point the LAN addresses to their counterpart and it doesn't seem to do the...
14 years ago 2
Option11c SLIPD problems (Calls Dropped)
Two PRI's SLIPD counts on both increment one after the other. USLec states there is no problem on their end. This all started after lightning strike took out one of the PRI cards. Replaced along with...
15 years ago 9