Playstation 3 HD output

I read somewhere the the prototype PS3 was demo-ed with two HDMIs and was capable of outputting native 1080p. However, they said that's no longer the case, and that 720p was the ceiling.

My question is: On the release of the actual PS3 (with the HDMI), will you be able to view Blu-Ray movies at 1080p (provided you have a 1080p display)? Is the 720p benchmark limited only to the games, or to the movies as well?

here's a quote from "":

>"All of this translated to a level of graphic detail never before seen on a

video-game console. The 2005 demo model could output 1080p HD signals at a resolution of 1920x1080. It could also send HD signals via two separate HDMI outputs, allowing for dual-HDTV video-game displays. However, reportedly now that capability is gone. With only one HDMI output remaining on the current model, the 1080p HD signals boasted during last year's show are no longer "in the picture" so to speak. The PS3 should still support 480i, 480p and


cheers, paz

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All I know is...

PS3 got the lowest rating at E3 - ranked below even Nintendo's system.

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