Center speaker placement question

The center speaker should go nearest the center line of the TV as possible - regardless of where you have to place the R/L fronts. The center handles almost all of the dialog and if its off to the side it will seem that ones guys lips are moving but somebody offstage is talking.

Most of the time you can adjust the distance and volume of the various speakers to the seating position from within the processor's menu. My Pioneer even has an automated way of doing this - way cool.

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Due to the size of my room, I have no choice but to put my TV more toward the corner of the room.

My 2 main speakers are on both side walls. Meaning the TV is closer to the left speaker than the right (as I said, this is unavoidable).

My center speaker will be sitting on top of the TV. My question:

Should I put the center speaker directly in the middle of the TV? OR should I put it directly between the 2 front speakers?


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To me, it would seem more attached to where you sit in relation to your TV and speakers. Some even suggest setting your center channel along with front left and right all clumped together when space is a concern or perfect diagram placement isn't possible.

I wouldn't think that having a center channel perfectly centered between the front two speakers would be an end-all requirement for you to enjoy the setup. I think that whatever aesthetically works best for you while staying relatively close to the diagram setup will produce a good experience. Huge problems, like a speaker out of phase, or a left speaker on the right side would matter, but your setup doesn't matter so much.

Just my opinion, but I think most people would be very hard pressed to point to incorrectly placed speakers like you talk about if they walk into the room with their eyes shut.

-- Shawn Wilson

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Shawn Wilson

should go center of TV, where the dialog would appear to be coming from.

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Patrick L. Parks

What model Pioneer is that?

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Steve L


Pioneer calls it "MCACC" and it came with a small lapel microphone on a

long lead. It plugs into the front of the 912 in a special receptacle. I

sit in my primary listening position and hold the mic at ear level. Then

progress through a few buttons on the remote and it starts its

calibration. First it finds out how many speakers are connected. Then

it sets volume levels. Then it plays a series of clicks or snaps to

measure distances. The whole process takes maybe 3 minutes.

I've checked it with my digital SPL meter and it's much more accurate

than I could do without a lot of tweeking.


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I have mine setup this way.

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L Alpert

Why do I get the feelin that unavoidable/no-choice positioning is due to a fireplace/'great view'?

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