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DIY Switches and others in open source
Hello, (sorry for my English, buit I speak French) I want to start a little project in automation, almost all in wireless, with some switches + lights, a presence detector, and some sensors (lights,...
Re: LED dimmable bulbs with X10 switches
Interesting. The last time I was in Home Depot, I saw those. I suppose they disipate heat better than the old sealed ones. The application I was buying bulbs for is outside and has lots of insects in...
I need suggestions for an ir sensor that works with inj94 and direct tv remotes?
bought a random ir sensor that plugged into the injector box but it didn't work what am I missing? I don't want to pay $100 an ir sensor
Testing 1 2 3 Anyone here for an x10 question?
As traffic on this NG has been slow, to say the least, I thought I'd ask a question about some x10 problems. I have an XPCR amplifier/repeater installed in my house near the breaker panel, with its...
Digital communicator trouble on HAI OmniPro II
New problem over the past month or so. Noticed after a few days away. ? surge or storm Voice announcements stopped and getting frequent "communicator" trouble (had trouble or trouble now)....
Companies specializing in home automation wanna know the best and worst parts of making a smart home smarter.
Apply to the study below to give your more-informed-than-most opinion and g et paid for it. The app will ask you for a lot of info about yourself becau se it's geared toward market research, so if...
GE R.O. Water Filter
I installed 3 of the subject GE reverse osmosis water filters about a year ago. (The model number is PXRQ15RBL). My daughter wanted one (because she didn't like Los Angeles city water), so I stalled...
Raspberry Pi B+ header board for smart home automation
Designed this bespoke board as part of a project to build a complete wired and wireless smart home controller around a Raspberry Pi B+ Rob - The makers marketplace now up&running for searching and sharing DIY automation projects (as seen at MakerFaireRome2014)
We're a startup who wants to build a single, simple, virtual place where ma kers can meet and share their projects. Some months ago we asked for your h elp to fill a short survey about making and...
WTB working HAI RC-112 Thermostat
The RC-112 thermostat in our basement decided that it was always time to run both stages of heat regardless of temperature. Does anyone have a working spare they would sell? I will pay a fair price...
Smart home on Twitter
A project to expose our smart home and some of what it can do on Twitter: Rob Dream Green House - Stylish and environmental friendly products, services and technologies for designing & building your...
Networked wormery connected to our smarthome
Extended our Z-Wave mesh network out into our garden for this project: Rob Dream Green House - Stylish and environmental friendly products, services and technologies for designing & building your own...
Looking for product. 110 outlet plugin device that acts as a switch based on power or no power.
I don't want to control the outlet. I just want a product that is essentially a relay plugged into an outlet. When there is power the contacts are closed. When there is not power the contacts are...
Need to design and implement remote home automation from scratch
Hey guys! I need help, my intetion is to design remote home automation that can monitor and control the electric appliances anywhere. How can i archive this?
Smarthome Manager Plus
I've been using Smarthome Manager Plus and the 1132cu modules for years. About 6 months ago, I started getting the following message in a small window, after giving the download command: "SHUtils.dll...