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seeking water leak sensor for alarm system
I have a centralized alarm system with a Napco controller. I'd like to add a water leak sensor to it. When I search for sensors I find stand alone units with batteries. I don't want a battery. My...
Re: Australia vs US - X10 Differences
Hi. Further to graham_dave comments over a decade later! Kevin Johnson-Bade here. Yes our business Midac made and released a range of X-10 for Australia back in the late 80s. We were the first to...
Creston Software
Hi - Is there anyway to obtain the Crestron software without going through a dealer, and paying huge markups? Thank you. Rob
emberlight is a simple way to add automation and connectivity to your old lights
emberlight is raising funds for emberlight: turn any light into a smart light. on Kickstarter! Mold your lights around your life. Control any dimmable bulb with your existing WiFi and phone. Automate...
Problem with DSC PC2550 alarm system
We inherited a very old security system when moving into our older home 3 y ears ago. Initially, everything worked fine. Over the past year or so we have had trouble with the alarm going off at random...
VIPP automation
Please let me know if anyone is aware of VIPP i heard, It is some kind of integration of different system which will generate some kind of reports. Can anyone please explain if you heard this term or...
Z-wave provides home automation techniques to your entire house and z-wave is the international standard for wireless communication system. Z-Wave Compatible Products & Smart Home Automation...
Home Automation
Z-Wave Home Automation offers a global standards for interoperable products enabling for smart can control appliances, lighting, environment, energy management and security.
Building a simple Automated Light system
Hi all, I am interested in building a simple demo for an automated home control sys tem. Essentially, I do not have access to the property as of yet, and canno t put in live systems just yet. However,...
Wireless Home Automation
Z-wave Wireless home automation provides wireless products mainly designed to control over the whole house. These products are mainly used to save time and energy. Z-Wave Compatible Products & Smart...
DUE Manchester AEE638
Above on the move in Athens. Operated by SX-DGL Aircraft change from SX-DGN Geoff. Sent 17-41
Sunset Times Wrong
I am using an X-10 system and Thinking Home 1.17 on a Mac. Since we went to daylight saving time, all my "sunset" devices on coming on a hour early. The fixed time devices are operating correctly....
Review of the LIFX 'smart' LED colour-changing Wi-Fi bulb
Rob Dream Green House - Stylish and environmental friendly products, services and technologies for designing & building your own home.
ECS Software
Does anyone know if ECS Software, or is still active? If so, do you have current contact information for them? Their web site seems to be pretty much dead. Thanks for your time.
X10 Commander
I purchased the X10 commander app got it connected,I 'm able to turn on and off, dim and brighten modules, but my problem is that I have input names a nd addresses for the modules on Commander on my...