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new Android app for Omni Pro II, Omni IIe, OnmiLte user
Like Leviton SnapLink Mobile App, NQLink work with Leviton Security&Automat ion Omni/Lumina familly Controller. NQLink use latest technology for connec tion and data processing, NQLink much faster on...
X10 WiFi hub
Does anyone have experience with the new X10 WiFi hub WM100 (https://www.x1 Besides general impressions, I am particularly interested in knowing whethe r it needs connection to a remote server....
Wifi dimmer with local control
Does anyone know if a wifi dimmer switch that doesn't require an internet "cloud" connection? I'm also hoping for an open API.
Switchur is a free online automation orchestrator that extends consumer iPaaS (IFTTT, Zapier, etc)
In 2014, the US Environmental Protection Agency concluded in a report that consumers could reduce energy usage up to 30% by using smarter automation s chedules for programmable devices. In 2017, the...
Group is dead, where are good HA forums these days?
Are there any general HA forums to be found these days? Seems like most I've found are either product specific (Homeseer, etc) or have little traffic (cocoontech). was a major source of info when I...
Gadgets to keep woodpeckers away
I wonder if any of you came up with an effective gizmo that deters woodpeckers from cedar siding of a house, in my case a tall chimney. I've tried shiny streamers that were effective till they were...
Re: JP1 remote control device files - where can I find them?
You have to be signed-in for the download button to appear between the File frame and the Author frame. JP1 Remotes :: File Section JP1 Remotes ::
Trendnet 200 Mbps Powerline AV Issues
I've been using the TPL-303E2K Powerline adapters for several years to connect my IP surveillance cameras through them to Internet via my home's 120V power lines. The setup worked for me better than...
Arlo wireless Internet camera
Does anybody here use these handy cams?
OmniPro II "No controller Data" after lightning strike
I have an OPII with a remote zone board in a pool house. Since a bad storm all keypads are beeping and showing "no controller data" . The 2 indoor zone expander boards status LED are blinking rapidly....
refrankfurt logs 04th july 2015, 05th july 2015, and 06th of july 2015
I am interested in the following for these dates please.
X-10 Wall Switch Pushbutton Repair
Hey everybody. I used to be very active on this group, but I have not post ed in many years. I think we have all dealt with X-10 wall switches with b ad pushbuttons (the WS-467 variety), and after...
X10 European Lamp Module (LM12 etc)
Although I live in Australia, I will head this request as "European" since the X10 modules sold in Australia appear to be the same as those in Europe / UK (Marmitek, etc) except with the standard...
Energy use in "off mode" with X10 modules and LED light bulbs
Does anyone know if there are any ill effects from using LED lamps with X10 modules. It is pretty well known that when "off", the LED's dim but stay lit. If I do not care bout them being completely...
Florida Qualifier with active Alarm Contractor II license seeks opportunity
Florida Alarm Contractor II retired after 40 years running a successful fam ily alarm company. Looking for opportunity to increase my income in retire ment. I have qualified three successful companies...