Smarthome KeypadLinc + Whole House Surge Protector = Keypad reset

I have a problem using Smarthome Keypadlinc (8 button in wall) and a recently installed Intermatic whole house surge protector where the KeypadLincs will reset themselves to factory default. It seems that with the surge protector during a storm the lights may still blink, but much quicker than before. Before, power may sag for a half second. Now it seems to sage for perhaps a 1/10 of a second. This seems to be just enough to reset the KeypadLincs. I have 3 of them and 2 went at the same time and the 3rd went later that day. I turned off the surge protector for now and reprogrammed the Kaypads and all is well (except for not being able to use my new surge protector!)

Anyone else run into this problem? A broken surge protector or just a bad design "feature" of the keypadlinc? Solutions?

Thanks for all of the help, Nate

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Nate Johnson
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