reading in data from rs232 port, require to resend as an email

I am reading in some temperature sensor data, via RS232 (actually converted to USB via a CP2102 ), approx every hour into a Windows XP PC. It reads fine into Windows Hyperterminal. I want to be able to send this data out via email as it comes it. Is there any application that can do this, free or commerical, please? I have searched using Google but not found anything. Lyndsay Williams

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There is an application called BLAT which allows you to send email via a command line interface. I believe it is freeware.

You can find it with Google.

Larry Hazel

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Homer L. Hazel

Alternatively, it ought to be relatively easy, using Perl, to read the data over RS232 via the Win32::SerialPort package, and send it over email via the Net::SMTP package. You wouldn't use Hyperterminal at all.

If Hyperterminal has macro capability with iteration and time awareness, and can save the recorded data and fire off a command line program, then Larry's suggestion might indeed be the simplest.

I'd do it in Perl.

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I made the below setup use a vbscript to send email from a simple programming language called just basic. You can run the vbscript with arguments using a batch file.

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