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Does anyone know whether I can terminate/solder male RCA connectors to standard speaker wire? If so, how?

I have an available/free speaker wire in my walls running from the TV to the back of the room. I have purchased Leviton RCA snap in jacks which are female on both the front and back. I essentially need to connect my in-wall speaker wire to those RCA jacks on both ends.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

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I wouldn't choose RCA jacks for any but very small speakers (because of the current). That said, sure you can use them. Just get some plugs from Radio Shack or some such, and stick 'em on. Some don't even need solder. Common practice would be to connect the "common" to the shell and the "hot" to the pin.

If the in-wall wires are too large or too stiff, just add a few inches of smaller, stranded wire and connect that to the RCA plugs.

Or, you could just get some RCA cables, and cut off the plugs with a few inches of wire. Strip about an inch, twist tightly, and tape. That kind of connection is fine for low-powered speakers.


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