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I recently got a new computer with Vista and Girder stopped working. I downloaded Girder5 Beta, supposedly "Vista-ble", but it is a nightmare for a non-geek. Setting up Girder3 was challenging enough. I don't want to deal with the lousy instructions for the beta or Girder4. Does anyone have suggestions for a SIMPLE program to use with my USB UIRT to control my television from my computer? I am a quadriplegic and can't use a standard remote but can use a mouse. I have X-10 for controlling lights etc. from my computer and I have no need for cameras, scheduled automation, controlling computer programs, burglar alarms or spying on the neighbors. All I need is to turn the TV on and change channels using ny mouse. (I don't want to use my computer as a TV though. Nothing that riveting on that I don't want to work on my computer while watching TV.) Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Diane Huberty
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Dave Houston

I'd suggest going with a video capture card. This has outputs that would allow you to view and control what you watch on your TV from your PC. It also allows you to watch TV on your computer (but you've already stated you don't want to do this). :-)

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Frank Olson

Please ask the tech support at smarthome.com I seem to think they have a way to use your computer as a tv remote control, or can cobble together a system that will work. They are very responsive usually within 24 hours.

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At one time the usbuirt developer had a stand alone application that could be used in a batch file instead of depending on girder. You may want to check the below discussion. You could make batch files like channel-up.bat and channel-down.bat to run the application, then just double click them to change the channels.

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Si Ballenger

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