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I have been looking at the Infinity TSS-750's and wanted to know if anyone can suggest other speakers around that size and somewhat in that price range? Is there any newsgroup I can subscribe to that discusses home audio. I am seeking advice in a moderate price range rather than very high end gear that costs an arm and a leg. Basically it's going to be used for home theatre as well as listening to CD's.

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There's no way (at least in my opinion) that you're going to be able to determine what a speaker system sounds like in your home environment until you listen to it *in your home environment*. When I finally cave in and go shopping for a surround sound system (besides the 7.1 Creatives I have hooked to my computer), I'd go to a store with a generous "return" policy and try several systems in my price budget. FWIW, I've read a couple of favourable reviews of the TSS-750's and that's definitely one I'd try.

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