My Online Home Automation Garage Sale!

I hope this message does not offend anyone, or is in violation of user agreement, but I wanted to pass on a good deal...

I am cleaning out my storage and garage, and I have collected numerous home automation products. Most are in new and re-saleable condition some are used but still have plenty of life left.

I am selling them on eBay for quick and fast cleaning of my garage and basement.

I have 33 items of the following brands I am trying to get rid of:

HAI, Simply Automated, X-10, X-10 Pro, PCS Lighting, Home Automated Living, and Nuvo.

Some highlights include:

-HAI OmniTouch (New - Upgraded for Nuvo and Russound)

-HAI Omni Pro II Demo Case version 2.9

-HAI Omni LT - 2

-HAL 2000 (with upgrade)

-16 X-10 Based light switches (New - X-10, X-10 Pro, & Leviton 2-way)

See all my items for sale, and get a real bargain!!!

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Brett Griffin
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Your message *does* offend because it is in unambiguous, flagrant violation of the usenet comp.* charter against commercial "for sale" postings.

Please don't repeat your mistake.

One reason that this newsgroup has not (yet) been destroyed is because it has not (yet) been overwhelmed by inappropriate commercial postings such as yours.


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Marc F Hult

Well my apologies to all. I will keep all my other posts to technical in nature, thanks for informing me and the others who were also unaware.

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Brett Griffin

You forgot to mention that if you become a "frequent contributer" to the group you can advertise your wares freely (and even post "helpful links" to your website).

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