INSTEON wall outlets and variable standalone countdown wall timer/dimmer are shipping

INSTEON relay-operated wall outlets and an INSTEON variable, standalone wall timer/dimmer are now shipping.

The KeypadLinc - INSTEON 8-Button Keypad Countdown Timer With Dimmer, is an enhancement of the sort of timer that can be found in halls and entryways around the world (except the US ;-) that provide light for a fixed time. As best I know, there was never a comparable X-10 product.

What is now shipping is a beta version:

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The OutletLinc - INSTEON Decora style Remote Control Outlet is the INSTEON equivalent of the X-10 SR-227 (one 15A switched, one 15A non-switched) but also provides a handy front-panel on-off button. White, ivory, almond and black are available. Mine left California last week and should arrive today or tomorrow.

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