Eve Alpha development board for Raspberry Pi - Kickstarter for harware leading to OS Home Automation Server

Hello Folks=20
I hope you don't mind me leaving this little self-promotion for a Hackerspa=
ce related kickstarter here. Some friends of mine at the Nottingham Hackspa=
formatting link
have a kickstarter running for EVE which is =
a add-on for Raspberry Pi that acts as a home automation hub to connect wit=
h all your wireless gizmos. The kickstarter is to launch EVE Alpha which is=
a development board that is compatable with about 80% of wireless stuff li=
ke Xbee and RXF as well as a load of 2.4GHz stuff too. The idea is to get t=
he dev board out there so they can fund and crowd source some awesome softw=
are! You can find out a lot more about it here on their page=20
formatting link

Let me know what you think! I've ordered the =A339 version and can't wait t=
o hook it up at home.=20
Looking forward to getting the summaries from you mailing list!=20
Founder Nottingham Hackspace
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Dominic Morrow
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