Coupler gone bad????

Has anyone heard of a passive 2-phase coupler going bad? It's been installed for about 7 years and worked fine until recently. Now, my x10 controller can't seem to control devices on the other circuit of my house.


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Slip Perry
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Anything can break. I did have an ACT Coupler/Repeater fail and sent it in for repair once. The ACT unit gets very hot and the early models had no heat sink so the diodes eventually became crispy critters.

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I've not looked inside one, but I imagine it's basically a capacitor to couple the signal across to the other phase. Any such capacitor can certainly fail eventually.

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Andrew Gabriel

Couplers go bad. It amazes me when people get upset when their fire alarm system bites the dust. Just because it's a "major fixture" on the wall they think it will last as long as the building it's protecting. I'm not comparing something as simple as a "coupler" with a complete fire alarm system, but usually it's the 10 cent capacitor (or some other cheap component) that fails and takes down the whole enchilada. I mean... look at what happened to the Queen of Oak Bay!

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