Convert Live Web Page to Analog Video?

I have a client that wants to run a wireless WiFi security camera so that the image can be viewed from any web browser anywhere in the world. No problem.

But he also wants to be able to put that same image onto the cable TV wires in the house using a ChannelPlus box so they can view the camera image from any TV by switching to a preassigned channel.

The question I have is this: How do I convert the signal from the WiFi camera into a video signal suitable for input to the ChannelPlus box?

The only way I can think of is to get an old beater computer, have it start up in web browser kiosk mode (full screen) and automaticlaly browse to the camera's web page, and install a TV video out card that feeds the WiFi camera's full-screen web page into the ChannelPlus box with RCA jacks.

Are there any dedicated single devices that could replace the beater PC in this application?

Please note:

o He wants to use WiFi, so an analog wired or wireless camera is out of the question,

o The camera will go in a location that can only be wired to AC power, so no video wiring,

o We have a WiFi repeater (one of many in the huge multi-story house) located near the target location.



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Your solution is kind of clunky but it would work. The think I would be concerned about on the stand alone computer is, how to you reboot if it crashes, pops up with Windows upgrade announcements, etc. You probably don't want to spend time each day maintaining this system.

I would reconsider using an analog wireless video camera (they are cheap) and split the video (and audio) signals at the receiver so that one output goes to your modulated CATV system (ChannelPlus box)

The other video outputs would go to whatever computer you are using for your web server. In this case, you would need a video input card compatible with your web server software, but they are cheap also.

If you do it this way, you may need a 2 output video DA similar to this:

formatting link
Good luck.


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