Connecting Thermostat to Heat Pump/Gas Heater

I am trying to figure out how to connect an external thermostat (RCS TZ40) to a pool heat pump (Heat Siphon SX5HP) or pool gas heater (Hayward H350).

The thermostat instructions say that I need to connect 24VAC across the power and common leads of the thermostat and then connect the switched line for heat to the heat pump or gas heater.

The problem is that there is no documentation for me to access the

24VAC circuit in the heat pump or gas heater; rather both of these devices simply support an "external remote" which can turn on the device by connecting two leads.

I think that in order to solve this problem I need to (1) Set up a

24VAC power source and (2) Add a relay to the circuit which is closed when the switched line of the thermostat goes to 24VAC.

Is there an easier way to set this up?

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Richard Kaplan
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