Automatic Garage Door


I would like to know the typical interface for automatic/electric garage door. Is it controlled using 2 relays for power and direction (closing and opening) or maybe with just one relay (relay on = closing, relay off = opening)?

Thanks in advance for any input regarding this matter.

Rgds, W. Utomo

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I believe most need a single, momentary contact relay -- essentially to replicate the effect of the regular hardwired pushbutton control.

The temporary closing of the circuit launches the door to go from open to closed or vice versa.

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Stu Alden

The only electrical garage door I have fixed was about fifteen years ago. It used a low voltage motor from a trickle charge battery. No relays were used, the control was all electronic. My involvement was, despite it being maintenance free, it all stopped working one day. All I did was tighten up the battery contacts.

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Thanks Stu for the information and sorry for the multiple posts, I got some problem with my news client.

Rgds, W. Utomo

Stu Alden wrote in news:

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