Anyone know of any X-10 closeouts on appliance modules, etc?

Does anyone know of any current specials on appliance modules, wall switches and X-10 RF gear?


-- Bobby G.

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Robert Green
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Usually you can find some great deals on if you signup for the newsletter.

I have several 4 lamp 1 appliance 5 decor wall switchs that I've pulled from my house among other items. Will sell cheap if intersted contact me via email.

Otherwise you best bet is X10 sale or sometimes eBay.

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Last year Asihome was selling appliance modules 4 for $12 or so. I bought a bunch but obviously not a big enough bunch!

Thanks, but I have plenty of lamp modules! It 3 pin appliance modules I need.

Ebay had a lot of them for sale at about $10 a pop after shipping is thrown in. I just hoped to find another close-out deal like AsiHome.

-- Bobby G.

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