Why is "Nebula Secure Segment Transfer Protocol" attacking me?

Can someone help me as to why nsstp is attacking me?

I installed a firewall program and now, daily, I get the message that "" is trying to connect to "port 1036" by "svchost.exe".

When I google that, I don't find out what it is. All I can find is what is shown in the port lists, e.g.,

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# Arnold E. Mauer April 2003 nsstp 1036/tcp Nebula Secure Segment Transfer Protocol nsstp 1036/udp Nebula Secure Segment Transfer Protocol

QUESTION: Can someone help me as to why nsstp is attacking me? What is this thing?


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Sharon Smith
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Sharon Smith wrote on date 22/12/2004 17.13: is a DNS server, judging from the header of your post, it may be your DNS server. Was it UDP traffic by any chance? And was the remote port 53?
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lorenzodes wrote in news:iojyd.54283$C94.30859 @tornado.fastwebnet.it:

It's probably the Windows network systems standard time parser (nsstp) checking to see if your system clock is set properly. Your ISP needs that information to accurately track your actions. Did you change your clock? If so you probably tipped them off to make the nsstp check.

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C.C. Chapman

C.C. Chapman wrote on date 24/12/2004 8.57:

You have a strange sense of humour.

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