what different IDS do?

i am going to prepare small review for IDS product...

can anyone help me...

What are diffrent IDSs and what different things they detect? please send me some links and references as well

i have found follwing about 'portsentry'


Portsentry by Psionic Technologies is a component of their TriSentry suite of attack detection tools: portsentry, hostsentry, and logsentry.following is list of thing portsentry scan for ...

PortSentry monitors for both TCP as well as UDP scans and, as of version 2.0, can detect stealth scans such as those produced by Nmap. Some of the scans which it can detect include:

Connect scans SYN scans FIN scans NULL scans XMAS scans FULL-XMAS scan UDP scan

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what are other tools and what they do?
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