UPnP debug tools?

I have some device (self hosting web cam) that uses UPnP to talk to the router. When things don't work, how do you debug?

If I enable UPnP on my router/firewall (e.g. linksys WRT54G), is there a way to log the UPnP commands that the router received, or to get a status of all the settings that were made by UPnP commands?

For example, the device said it has commanded the router to forward a port. How can I verify this is indeed done? The firewall setup page "application and gaming" seems to show only the manual port forwards and not the ones made by UPnP.

Another thing I'd like to do is to figure out all the UPnP commands that was generated by the device so I can manually perform those commands and turn off the router's UPnP.

Perhaps there is so sort of UPnP test tool that can be used to send/receive commands to the router?

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