Trying to block AIM at the firewall level

A client of mine has a Sonicwall TZ 170 Standard firewall and have set AIM tcp port 5190 as a service and in the access rules I have it denied on all lan ip's however AIM login still works. From my quick google search, it's mainly port 5190 so I'm not sure if another port needs to be blocked or if I'm missing some setting elsewhere. Anyone have any suggestions on what else I can try?


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Like most IM clients, AIM will fall back to port 80 (HTTP) connections if it is blocked. I believe the login takes place over port 443 (HTTPS). Unless the Sonicwall can perform application specific blocks, I don't think it is possible to block AIM at the firewall.

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Sure it is - you can block the servers it connects to, or you can allow HTTP connections to approved servers, you pick the one that works best for your situation.

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