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Depends. What type of sonicwalls are involved? I assume the sonicwall at HQ is a gen4 device (tz170, pro2040, 3060, etc) since it has 2 wan ports, but waht is at the remote site? whate version of the firmware is on it?

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Hi all, We have our HQ SonicWall with two WAN ports both connected to ISP1 and ISP2. We a remote site SonicWall that connects via VPN to the WAN1 on our HQ. Can I create another VPN tunnel with a lower priority (like a backup VPN) to our HQ's WAN2 just in case our HQ's ISP1 goes down? Thanks, Al

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i *THINK* so. I know it can if you have the enhanced firware on the tz170, but tI think it can also be done with the standard OS as well. Never seen the standard os firware for the gen4 boxes. But on the enhanced boxes, if you go to the settings for the SA of the vpn, you'll see on the first tab of the seetings you have "IPSec Primary Gateway Name or Address:" and "IPSec Secondary Gateway Name or Address:". Meaning of these fields should be obvious ;-)

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