sonicwall tz170w. cannot access wired lan from wireless side

I'm trying to set up a tz170w firewall / router. Everything is fine on the wired side and fine on the wireless side. Except I can't communicate from one side to the other. I can ping the wired gateway from a wireless client, but that seems to be about it. I'm using WEP 128 bit and have added firewall rules: WLAN any address to LAN any address ANY service LAN any address to WLAN any address ANY service

Is anybody out there familiar with the Sonicwall Products?



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bruce ackman
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Hi Bruce:

Is your wireless PC connected via Wireless Guest Services? Is WifiSec enforcement is enabled?

If so, connect and then run the Global VPN client to gain access to the LAN from the wireless PC. Or turn off WifiSec enforcement

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Inside the TZ170W you need to enable the wireless to be able to see the wired. I have had this issue too but then you have to enable it. i never did, it wasn't a big deal for mine.

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Make sure you have Wifi IPSEC Enforcement turned off. If this is enabled clients will be able to associate, but not connect to the LAN, to talk to the LAN they are required to use th Global VPN Client and establish an IPSEC VPN session. Its actually a feature of the Sonicwalls.

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