Netscreen and web monitoring

This may be a dumb question but I'll go for it anyway. Is there a way to get full URL information for a particular user's web activity from a Netscreen 5GT? I have the firewall info being sent to a syslog server but only see IP addresses, not full URL's. We're a small shop, no proxy server, no ISA server and don't want to do web filtering or alerting...just every so often check for a particular user's web surfing tendencies. Is there anything I'm missing in the 5GT that will report this? Any other cheap solutions?

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The Other Mike
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Not from the 5GT itself, you will need to use the url filtering plugins that come with screen os v5.1 like surfcontrol for example.


Dave Sinclair NetScreen Authorised Security Instructor

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The 5GT doesn't have that functionality natively.

Websense could do it for you, but it's horrifically expensive.

eIQ products might be an answer.

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Their entry level product might be more in your price range.


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