SmoothWall, how good is it?

How good is SmoothWall, open source firewall software? I have a spare system, and I'm considering implementing it. Is it as good, or better than the "software on the client" approach? I would think it would be better, because it filters things before they get to your system. Does it slow things down?

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Thanks, Bill Crocker

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Bill Crocker
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I found that smoothwall is a great product, simple to install and backup. The open source community has made many extensions that can provide additional features.

If you are running it on an older pc make sure you do a backup of your configuration. Older PCs and power supplies are the real weakness to using a product like this.

The out of the box configuration allows all outbound traffic so you want to add rules if this is not to your liking.

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John Mason

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John Mason Jr

I actually like ipCop (partly based on Smoothwall) better The doc is AAAA++++ all the way, and the new version (1.4) Rocks!

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I noticed no slowdown of any kind. One tip: Running it with Zonealarm gives great outbound screening, and IpCop does the inbound screening

How about 3 weeks of running Spybot search and destroy, and *NO* hits.

My Firewall machine: P75 with 64meg and a 850 meg hd. (No, that's not a typo, P75 is correct)

Installed in about 10 minutes



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