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I've got a firewall/DMZ question and hope some of you guys could help me.

A have 16 public IPs from my ISP. I use a DSL modem and then a firewall. Behind the firewall there are 2 interfaces, a private network and one DMZ zone. So I have : ISP ------> DSL modem ------> Firewall ----->DMZ ----->Private Network (

My question is : Can I use a private network ( for example) between the modem and the firewall and then route all the 16 IPs in the DMZ zone? If not, why ? If yes, how? Thank you in advance.

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B Petros
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"B Petros" wrote in news:

What FW are you talking about? If it's a NAT router for home usage, you got no shot. There are routers or FW applinces that can deal with more than one IP from the ISP, do you have one?

Duane :)

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