protecting system memory (away from home)

Trying to help a friend with an old win95b box, with only 64MB memory. Everytime she tries to use to many programs her kerio firewall or other programs causes a protection fault and must be closed. Sometimes the whole system crashes, but usually she loses her firewall or program she tried to load. Is there any way to more gracefully close the offending program or to protect the firewall from being closed, either by 3rd party utility or other method?

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Really want to help her? drown that box with beer/coffee/tea - make it look like an accident if you think it will make her feel better.

'Too many' is the key here.

Sometimes .... stuff gets too old to be useful. If it was still doing the workload it had 10 years ago I guess it would be coping fine. iirc Win95 takes around 28/30 MB Ram for itself, leaves just over 32MB for Applications and Data. I'm sure you can work it out for yourself.

Also: The firewall should be /outside/ the workstation(s).

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